Saturday, June 6, 2009

And now for a word from my OCD

Anyone who knows me will agree that I am obsessive compulsive. There's a bit of attention deficient disorder mixed in there too. I *have* to have something to obsess over. What that is varies - sometimes it's a game that I spend every waking moment playing. Sometimes it's a bar or restaurant that I *have* to go to every time I go out for a drink. Sometimes it's a job, and sometimes it's a bit of information.

Since Holly's death I have been obsessed with feline diabetes. I want to quit my job and devote my time to teaching cat owners and vets about feline diabetes. (Only my long list of bills and the need for a roof over my head keeps me from actually quitting my job to do that.) There is a diabetic cat at the shelter that I volunteer for and I made it my personal mission to find him a home. (There are actually 2 diabetics, but the other is also FIV+ so I don't know that I'll be able to find him a home, though I will certainly try.)

So for anyone that cares to read my blog, here is my personal PSA about feline diabetes:

Do you own cats, or care for them? Listen to me very carefully, for what I am about to say might one day save you a lot of money and heartache:


Cats are carnivores ok? Do you think they feed the lions and tigers at the zoo dry kibble? No, they feed raw meat. The digestive system of a cat is not designed to be able to handle/process grains. What is the primary ingredient of dry cat food? Grains!

A lifetime of eating dry food is a leading cause of diabetes in cats. In a diabetic person the first thing the doctor will tell them is that they need to change their diet. The same is true for a cat! Yet most vets have little to no experience with diabetic cats, and they will prescribe DRY FOOD as the diet! These cats end up on huge doses of insulin, and a shortened life span.

Diabetes is not a death sentence for a cat. Many live very full lives after diagnosis. With proper diet many also go into remission.

If you love your cat, I strongly urge you to visit this website and read all the documentation, especially about diet.

Thank you.