Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Watching You

First, there will be a post about PAX East 2011, I swear, I just was too tired after I got home to write one. Plus there's the whole post PAX blues thing.

Now, on to today's post...I saw this because Wil Wheaton tweeted it, and it got me thinking about the sci-fi actors/actresses that I will watch in anything just because it's them. So, without all the deep thinking, here's my list (in no particular order):

Amanda Tapping - Love her. She's the only reason I watch Sanctuary (though I am woefully behind on it now due to scheduling conflicts.)

Eliza Dushku - What can I say, she kicks ass.

Felicia Day- Answer: The Guild. Buffy. Dragon Age. Question: What are my favorite things?

Bruce Campbell - How can you not like him? He's...Bruce!

Wil Wheaton - Maybe it's cause I grew up watching him, but I have never seen him in something I didn't like. He's also incredibly nice in person.

Bruce Willis - Totally my favorite action star. 5th Element still rates up there as one of my favorite movies.

Sigourney Weaver - Alien. Need I say more?

Milla Jovovich - I think she doesn't always gets the credit she deserves, because several movies she's been in have not been "up to par," but it's wasn't due to a lack on her part.

Michelle Rodriguez - The female Bruce Willis as far as I'm concerned. She rocks whatever is put in front of her.

Elijah Wood - The only thing almost as epic as the original Star Wars trilogy was the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Though Elijah was a fav of mine before that.

Patrick Stewart - If there was one person in all the world that I would die to meet, it's Patrick.

Claudia Black - She kicked ass in Farscape, and then kicked more ass in Stargate. I love ass-kicking.

Ben Browder - Claudia was good in Farscape, but Ben was awesome. He completely nailed Stargate as well.

Brent Spiner - Most know him as Data, but if you've never seen it, check out Threshold.