Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pretty Vegas

In the past month I have made 2 trips to Las Vegas totaling 8 days. I had a great time, and learned several things:

1. The Sahara hotel, although a bit run down, is comfortable to sleep in.

2. Zumanity is a riot and a great show

3. The Stratosphere is walking distance from Sahara and has a great buffet.

4. The cheapest way to get around Vegas (aside from walking) is a combination of the bus system and the monorail.

5. Taking the Deuce (bus) from one end of the strip to the other will take more than an hour. You are better off taking the monorail to the nearest location and getting the bus from there

6. The strip is between 3 and 4 miles long. That's a lot of walking.

7. If you want to see a burlesque show, see Peepshow

8. The Chin Chin in New York New York remains my favorite restaurant in Vegas

9. New York New York is a great hotel to stay in

10. Coyote Ugly is more fun when its packed, but allowing the crowd control of the music results in some very strange musical combinations.

11. The bar at Coyote Ugly is way fun to dance on

12. The CSI Experience at MGM is easy, corny, and fun

13. I've got the names of 2 women I can go hang out with if I'm ever back

14. Pimps in Vegas are so stereotypical it was hilarious

15. 4 days is the max before the air and the smoke start to really get to me