Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Choices We Make

As I believe I recently mentioned, I upgraded my computer for maximum game enjoyment. I was all set to hook my computer up to my TV with an HDMI cable and play Dragon Age...but I didn't have any HDMI cables. Thankfully, Amazon was able to supply me with several, at the low, low price of $3.23 each, and free shipping. I just needed to wait for them to arrive.

I received 2 packages in the mail from Amazon today - the HDMI cables, and Wil Wheaton's Just A Geek. The HDMI cables are still in their package. Instead of getting my high def on, I read Wil's book. Why? Because in the end, a game is cool, but books are the stuff of legend.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Holy Shit Batman!

I am so totally, completely in love with Dragon Age: Origins. For my gaming tastes I've always been into RPG's, and my primary game source is the PC. As the years go by there seem to be less and less RPG games for the PC, but the ones I find tend to be pretty good. I enjoy them at least, bugs and all. I'd fallen into a bit of a dry spell with PC games, and had resorted to MMORPG's. (I know, that has become a huge game field in its own right, but I never really got into it. I am extremely selective about the MMORPG's that I play.) I found that playing MMORPG's in beta was the most enjoyable, so I did that for awhile. Then I started seeing ads for Dragon Age. 

The ads looked good, as game ads tend to anyway, even if the game is complete shit. I decided it was definitely going on my "want to play" list. I didn't really get excited about it though, until after the game was released and I heard chatter about it on Twitter. Now I *really* wanted to play that game. Lucky for me, I got the game for Christmas.

Dragon Age is the first RPG I have played that by the end of it, I wanted to play it again. Usually once I finish an RPG, I never see it again. The reason for wanting to play it again is the same reason that makes this game so great - the story. Even though the basic events of the game will always be the same, you can have a vastly different experience playing it based not only on your starting character/storyline, but also on the decisions you make and the interactions you have with your party and NPC's. Speaking of! This game has some really tough moral dilemmas. I'm very much looking forward to the expansion coming out.

Gushing about Dragon Age aside...

So far this year has been ultra exciting for me, as far as my geekiness goes. I've played Dragon Age, and am rebuilding my computer with the intent of hooking it up to my HD TV to play Dragon Age again with the graphics set as high as possible. (As excited as I am about playing HD Dragon Age, I'm just as excited about upgrading my computer. It's been too long since I've mucked about in the guts of a computer, and I've missed it.) 

But that's not the best part...

For the first time, Penny Arcade has brought PAX to the east coast (PAX East, not to be confused with PAX Prime.) I've always wanted to go to conventions like Comic-Con or PAX, but they're always on the west coast and so I haven't been able to go. When I heard about PAX East I was thrilled that finally there would be something on the east coast - in my backyard no less! I had to go. 

I'd almost forgotten about it until Feb. 3rd when I noticed a retweet by @wilw about weekend passes for sale. I immediately went to the site and ordered my 3 day pass. I had good timing apparently, because later that same day, they were completely sold out! Now I can't wait for the end of March to get here so I can PAX out for a weekend. 

The cherry on top of this geeky sundae - Wil Wheaton was announced today as the keynote speaker at PAX East. Having been a fan of his during his ST days, to being a fan now of his books, blog, and overall Secretary of Geek Affairs-ness, I am just thrilled beyond words that he is the keynote speaker. Hopefully I will make it through the weekend without any embarrassing fangirl moments.