Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kitty Mafia Part 3

With proper diet and medication, Holly was soon back on her feet and ruling the Kitty Mafia again. The house we lived in had a rival kitty mafia in the neighborhood. A territory war soon broke out. Holly entrusted Cleo with the job of running off the other cats. She did a good job of it, culminating in busting through a window screen to attack the enemy.

After a couple more years I finally bought a house and the Kitty Mafia had a new locale to run. Cleo got straight to work making sure the place was fit to be their headquarters. Once again there was a rival kitty mafia in the neighborhood, so she set out to run them off. The Kitty Mafia more or less tolerated my presence, as long as I continued to bring them food that satisfied their cravings.

Before long Holly took ill again. This time she would not recover. To help Cleo with her mafia duties, I brought in Danu. Cleo became the underboss, and Danu the new associate. Danu was charged with waking me and keeping me on task with my feeding duties, while Cleo focused on the enemy mafia.

The mafia was dealt it's final crushing blow with the passing of its Don. Unsure what to do with themselves in the resulting chaos, Cleo and Danu have turned mercenary. On her death bed, Holly must have left orders for Cleo and Danu to avenge her, because I have become the target of numerous assassination attempts. Cleo tries to kill me by tripping me and poking holes in my veins so I can bleed out. Danu tries to decapitate me, and chew off my legs, leaving me at their mercy. They are quite tenacious, except when I bring their food. Then they grudgingly take a break to replenish their energy.

Will I survive the Kitty Assassins? I'm not sure. We'll have to wait and see.

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