Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Month in Review

You might have noticed a severe lack of blogging in February. That would be because February came in, knocked me around, and flew out again. Here's a quick recap of the month:

Good News: Went on an install
Bad News: It ruined my birthday plans

Good News: Took Holly in for dental work and found out that the vet is running a dental special.
Bad News: Dental wasn't done due to blood work showing that Holly might have leukemia

Good News: Holly doesn't have leukemia
Bad News: Her diabetes medication is destroying her immune system and she has to be taken off of it immediately

Good News: Holly is making a recovery now that she's off the meds
Bad News: She fell off my bed and couldn't stand or walk

Good News: She's again making a recovery and can walk again (although not very well)
Bad News: Cleo's attempts to play with her are stressing her injury I'm afraid

Good News: My mother gave me a timely family update
Bad News: The update was that my grandfather has cancer

Good News: The doctors decided my grandfather doesn't have cancer
Bad News: They don't know what he has

Good News: To give Cleo someone other than Holly to play with, I adopted Danu
Bad News: Getting Cleo to acccept Danu is a slow process so far, and late nights at work are preventing me from spending much time with them

So there you have it, the ups and the downs of February. That's not even counting all the snow storms and late nights at work. For once I'm glad it's a short month!

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