Wednesday, January 21, 2009


*overly dramatized sigh* I thought I had left this sort of thing behind when I abandoned Myspace, but here I am, tagged once again. (Thank you, Mrs. Bai.)

So....the rules are: link to the person who tagged you, write down your six happy things, write down the rules too, tag six other people and let them know they’re tagged, and let the person who tagged you know your entry is posted. Rebel that I am, I'm not going to tag others, but I will write six happy things. Prepare yourself! (I donno, sounded good.)

In no particular order:

Happy thing 1.

Watching planes fly. Especially if they fly really really fast.

Happy thing 2.

Watching really fast cars. (No, not Nascar. I'm talking Bugatti Veyron.)

Happy thing 3.

Reading a fantastically good book.

Happy thing 4.

Sleeping in and finishing that dream.

Happy thing 5.

Playing with cats.

Happy thing 6.

Watching a show/movie that I've really been looking forward to seeing.

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