Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's in a dream?

Let me start by saying that I have truly fucked up dreams on pretty much a daily basis. Call it an overactive imagination. The dream this morning though, caused me to question my sanity.

A little background...during the regular season, I spend my evenings watching my favorite TV shows. During the off season, I spend my evenings gaming. This being a quasi not really regular but not really off season, I've been doing both.

In the last 2 weeks I have played the following games:

Divine Divinity (RPG containing magic and inhuman enemies)
Heroes of Might and Magic (RPG containing magic and inhuman characters)
Crisis Core (RPG containing magic and mostly human characters)
Spellforce Universe (RPG containing, you'll never guess, magic and inhuman characters)
Wind Slayer (MMORPG beta that so far has consisted of running around whacking bugs with a stick)

My dream this morning was interrupted by my alarm clock going off, so I only remember bits and pieces of the dream. This is more or less what I remember:

First thing I remember is an in-game mini map showing the location of my party, the enemy, and my home town. My party was moving to the north, to fight the enemy. Suddenly, a large contingency of the enemy snuck through a hidden path to swarm my now undefended home town. The enemy, it should be noted, consisted of orcs, imps, wraiths, and dark magicians.

Seeing my home town in immediate danger, I did the only thing I could - teleported my party back to my home town. Upon returning to town, I find myself in a house with my family. (My real life family, and the dream was no longer in-game...think more like Harry Potter.) I explained about the urgency of defending the town from the oncoming invaders. We went outside to see to the defenses, and were suddenly in the 1970's.

"Are we in the 70's?" I asked my mom.

"Yes, it was a wonderful time," she said, dancing around in a field of flowers wearing stereotypical flower child attire.

"Well what the hell are we doing here?" I demanded.

"Gathering our defenses," she replied.

I didn't know what the fuck that meant. I turned and found myself staring at the dust cloud rising above the approaching enemy. We had returned to the present. I turned back to my mother, only to find that I was at the head of an extremely large army. I was a mage, and in my hand was a stick that I apparently use as a wand. My army consisted of other mages, ghosts, skeletons, and other figures that I couldn't quite identify. I knew that this is why we had gone to the 70's - to bring back this army.

I turned again to lead my army into battle. Large bubbles came careening into view (think Glinda in the Wizard of Oz.) Using my stick, I sent magic out to the nearest bubble, bursting it. We were suddenly covered in lizards, and although they didn't actually do anything, I knew they were evil and set about destroying them one by one with my magic stick. By the time I finished, the bulk of the enemy army was upon us, and I was busy directing my magic stick at various orcs and imps.

I was just about to be lunged upon by a dragon when my alarm went off, jerking me back to reality and out of the dream. As I lay there, trying to hold onto the last remnants of the dream, I fell asleep again, but dreamt of something else entirely.

Either I've been playing too many games lately and they are consuming even my sleeping brain, or I'm finally losing my grip on sanity.

A third option did occur to me as I drove to work: I have created the best RPG game ever.

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